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June 30, 2009

We are proud to present the English mirror of our Best DPS Programs!
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You can check a lot of reviews there, but only if you could read some Russian or if you trust Google Translate even a bit.

MaxDPS/TPS Assistant

New generation of programs for combat with maximum possible DPS/TPS


We would like to present completely new brunch in WoW – programs that monitor your spells, abilities and cooldowns and use them for you by keypressing.


The main idea of MaxDPS Assistant is allowing you to control your character the way you like, run, jump, etc. But when you begin to fight all the combat buttons are pressed by our program.


These programs are not just simple clickers with certain periods, MaxDPS Assistant monitors your abilities and spells to get ready, cooldowns, mana/rage/energy, distance to the target, presence or absence of buffs or debuffs on you and your target and their expiration time. According to all this conditions it uses the necessary ability. You can fully control movement of your character at the same time.


It’s evident that the most skilled and attentive player can not react to procs or abilities cooldowns instantly. Especially if there are more abilities then fingers on his hands. All this leads to character standby and DPS decrease.

Computers are not affected by this reaction time defect – they can check for ability or spell readiness hundreds or thousands times per second and press the corresponding key at the same moment in case it got ready.

We decided to establish our project to help the people who want to make the most DPS out of their character and who do not want to loose a single second fighting an enemy.


Our programs do not neither read from nor write to WoW memory, they are based on screen analysis and keystroke sending, and thus they are absolutely safe and undetectable.


You can download and try MaxDPS Assistant for your class and spec by clicking proper picture below.



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